7 Things to Look for in a Tree Service

  1. Business Insurance and WCB: Ask the business if they have full business insurance coverage and WorkSafe BC Insurance. Skyline Landscaping & Tree Service, MISSION BC is fully insured for both!
  2. Experience and Years of Service: experience and years of service are important to know how to approach a variety of challenging or emergency tree jobs. Pruning trees, spiral thinning, level trimming hedges, and grinding stumps to the clients’ satisfaction are skills Derek has excelled at in his years of learning the trade since 2001.
  3. Google Reviews: Take a quick look through online reviews to see what specialties the tree company has and what feedback they have been given. Skyline Tree Google Reviews
  4. Go with Your Gut: when meeting the estimator ask questions and explain what tree work you are needing. If your estimator is knowledgeable and can answer your questions, you will have the confidence to hire the company.
  5. Safety First: Derek is experienced and takes safety seriously. All rope work is done with personal safety in mind. Derek takes great care in protecting your home, shed, fences, and any identified areas in your yard, like shrubs or gardens, that need to be preserved.
  6. Price isn’t Everything, Skill Is: We all like to get a good deal and most tree companies have experience and skill to support the estimated cost on the job. Tree work is a specialized trade that homeowners should not attempt on their own. Any discounts given come out of pocket. Legitimate companies must remit GST payments on every job, so when a company offers to take off the GST, it really means they will be paying it on your behalf.
  7. Supporting Small Businesses: we have all seen the posts to encourage supporting small businesses. Real people with families that keep our economy going. We appreciate our clients and look forward to serving your tree service needs in the future!